• Drone Flyovers of the 18 Hole Course
  • Many thanks to Jim Sinclair, Photographer
  • Click on each hole to see the flyover video
  • 1st Hole
    1st hole - The Gully
    2nd Hole
    2nd hole - The Narrows
    3rd Hole
    3rd hole - Lyle Side
    4th Hole
    4th hole - Twa Burns
    5th Hole
    5th hole - Farm Hole
    6th Hole
    6th hole - Craig's Top
    7th Hole
    7th hole - Cross of Lorraine
    8th Hole
    8th hole - Craggy Neuk
    9th Hole
    9th hole -Canty Lie
    10th Hole
    10th hole - Helter Skelter
    11th Hole
    11th hole - Grieve Road
    12th Hole
    12th hole - The Cobbler
    13th Hole
    13th hole - Tail O' Bank
    14th Hole
    14th hole - The Bowl
    15th Hole
    15th hole - Skyliner
    16th Hole
    16th hole - The Flag Pole
    17th Hole
    17th hole - The Pond
    18th Hole
    18th hole -Last Carry